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Ang Passang is a chamber choir from Trondheim. Our choir consists of 15 singers and our singing conductor Randi Dugstad. The choir started up in 1991 when Randi, then conducting Trondheim Socialist Choir, invited a few choir members to sing madrigals, popular music from the 15th and 16th century, at the choir’s 15th anniversary. This event was so well received that NRK, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, wanted soundtracks.

In 1996, Ang Passang attended the Central Norway Choir Competition, and achieved 2nd place in the Elite class.

The madrigal has always been the main focus of the choir, but Scandinavian folk music and more modern scores have also become part of the repertoire. Our ambition is to be a serious amateur choir performing high quality choral music, and having fun doing it.

Ang Passang arranges concerts every spring and autumn, and more often than not we cooperate with other choirs and musicians. We also perform at conferences, anniversaries, weddings etc.


If you want to know more about Ang Passang, please contact us here.

You can also listen to a few of our soundtracks here.

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